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Surgeon, fur trader, Arctic explorer, discoverer of the fate of the ill-fated Franklin expedition, and author. Born 30 September 1813 in Orphir, Orkney Islands, Scotland; died 22 July 1893 in London, England.

John Rae holds a special place in the history of the Hamilton Association. In 1857, while living in Hamilton, he was one of the Association's founding members. Our first Vice-President, he later became our second President.

Here you will find biographical information on Dr. Rae, including photographs from both his era and our own. We have also included audio and video recorded for, and/or at, our September 2013 meeting, when we celebrated the 200th anniversary of Rae's birth and enjoyed a surprise visit from the great man himself.

Biographical Essays

The John Rae Box

Celebrating the 200th Anniversary of Rae's Birth (30 September 1813)