J Brian Henley. The Hamilton Association 1880 – 1900: Public education and cultural expression in a late Victorian city. Hamilton: Hamilton Public Library, 1982. Reproduced with permission of the author, September 2007.  pdf-format © 2007 HAALSA.



Solar Eclipse, 1932:  Late in August 1932 a group from the Hamil­ton Centre of the Royal Astro­nom­i­cal Society, includ­ing several mem­bers of this Asso­ci­a­tion, travel­led to Acton Vale, Quebec, to obs­erve a total solar eclipse. W. G. Milne, Vice-President and Chief Engineer, N. Slater Com­pany, Hami­lton, worked very hard to film a few moments of the group's pre­par­a­tions and then the event itself. Re­pro­duc­ed with per­mis­sion of the owner, Sep­tem­ber 2007. Video record­ing. No audio.
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