Candidates for the above awards consisted of those who won their respective age group's award
for prose or poetry, respectively, in the Hamilton Public Library's Power of the Pen literary competition.
Administered since 2015 by the Dundas Valley Orchestra and presented by the Association at a DVO event.


Maitland Banting Silver Quill Award *

2019Nicola LawfordBangkok Underwater
2018Samantha PottsKate Walks Into a Bar
2017Lili SimpsonThe Jungle
2016Nicola LawfordA Detailed Account of a Girl Who Loved a Boy, Among Other Things
Hannah T RosalesHonourable Mention for:  Toolboxes and Telephones
Julie ShaddHonourable Mention for:  An Acadian Tale
2015Lauren O'DonnellPrincess Charming
2014Anju XingVerisimilitude
2013Stefan RadenkovicThe Big Blue Sky
2012Lisa JefferiesThe Good Thief
2011Hannah PerksMy Brother
2010Paige LouterOutside In
2009Ellis RitzOut of the Woods
Victoria LamondHonourable Mention for:  Just Me
2008Brooke AndersonThe whole is more than the Somme of its parts
2007Laura McCrackinProvidence
2006Jillian WymanPotassium
2005Olwyn KeaneFamily Matters
Margaret MackenzieRobert and Michael (Effigy)
2004Meghan QuinlanThe Storyteller
2003Debbie KerkhofMaster of the House
2002Tim DeJongThe Sacrifice

Young Poet Award *

2019Sue LeeGirl in a Tree
2018Mikaela HartThe Star Girl
Illyria VolcansekModern Butterfly
2017Nuri SongAlpha Centauri
2016Maeve JenkinsonRecording
Rachel TurnerA poem for no one who wants to read it
2015Jace PetkauThermopylae
Srinidhi ShawHonourable Mention for:  Veiled Twilight
2014Faith ParéDynamo
2013Lisa JefferiesThe Death that Autumn Brings
Evelyna Kay Honourable Mention for:  a promise to emilia, who sadly could not join us here today
2012Stephanie SushkoTo Trace the Soul
2011Yarra FarranOrigami
2010Paige LouterWingless
Cody HansenHonourable Mention for:  We
2009Eva KayPoppy
Kristen McMinnHonourable Mention for:  I Am
2008Laura McCrackinTulips
Paige LouterHonourable Mention for:  Blue
2007Morgan PiczakA Pineapple Experience
2006Marlena MillikinBubbles and Feathers in the Air
2005Sarah PalakovicBaby's Song
2004Joel LindeAlarmed
2003Heather OlavesonCreation, Genesis 2:7
Meagan NederveenHonourable Mention for:  Survivor
Andrea E Van PeltHonourable Mention for:  Mazurka: A Sonnet
2002[Name withheld][Title withheld at author's request]
Laura ClarkeHonourable Mention for:  Untitled
Brooke AndersonHonourable Mention for:  What Does a Cottage Know?

da Vinci Science Fair Award *

yyyy  (xxx)
2020 ~ ~ ~The Association did not offer this award at the March 2020 BASEF
2019 Anne JingProject ATTIS: An Assistive Aid for Parkinson's Patients  (piezoelectric vibrators to stimulate Parkinson patient's wrist to improve hand coordination)
2018 Jeffrey KlinckCANROD – Computer assisted navigation and obstacle detection  (wearable ultrasonic sensor for the blind)
2017 Sadhana JeyakumarHLA: A Map for a Road Less Travelled  (human leukocyte antigen)
2016 Bridget Le DonneIt's a Colourful Life  (Synesthesia)
2015 Aaron GomesMicrowave Assisted Extraction of Polyphenols from Cocoa Powder
2014 Catharine BowmanThe Effects of Apigenin, Diosmetin and Chicoric Acid on TNFa and COX-2 levels of Stimulated RAW 264.7 Macrophages  (Effects of certain plant compounds on tumour growth rates.)
2013 Eisha AhmedAra h Proteins, Peanuts, and Parasites
2012 Eisha AhmedUnlocking the GENEius behind Telomerase Control
2011 Peter KahamaEnvironmentally friendly ethanol alternative
2010 Vivian LeungMorphological and functional characterization of lower female genital epithelial cell cultures grown in different conditions
2009 Natalie MichalskiDetecting BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) in CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) using Western Blotting
2008 Aaron HakimMicroarray profiling of gene expression in the normal aging brain of drosophila
2007 Aaron HakimGene expression changes in Parkinson's disease: Genes mediating alpha-synuclein toxicity in a Drosophila model
2006 Kayla CornaleSounds into Syllables II — Windows to the World of Childhood Autism
2006 Aaron HakimAffecting Aging:  Protection of cSOD-deficient Drosophila from Oxidative Stress
2005 Kayla CornaleSounds into Syllables:  A Teaching System for Autistic Children
2004 Colin O'FlynnEagle in a Rack:  Real-Time Object Tracking in Analog Video
2003 Anthony ChiarelliSee the Unseen, Hear the Unhear  (Can one type of digital media be used to hide another?)
2003 Hsinwen ThanConcrete Blocks:  An Environmental Response II  (Effects of adding recycled plastic to concrete.)
2002 Eva VertesProtection Against Beta-Amyloid Induced Apoptosis
 Anthony ChiarelliSteganography -- You Can Look But You Can't See  (Steganography is the science of concealing data. Can one type of digital media be used to hide another type?)

Young Musician Award *

2020Aanya GrewalFlute
2019Max ChenTrombone
2018Hannah ThompsonClarinet
2017Amelia McNiven FontaniViolin
2016Philip DarleyCello
2015Lindsey RyndersObo
2006Wei Yi Yin Violin
2005Colt PiersonTrombone
2004Andrew SongViolin
2003Nick DavisDouble Bass
* Earlier recipients have been omitted.