In association with the Hamilton Public Library's Power of the Pen Contest.
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In association with the Hamilton Public Library's Power of the Pen Contest.

da Vinci Science Fair Award *  (xxx)
The Association did not offer this award due to Covid-19 retrictions at the BASEF.
2019Anne JingProject ATTIS: An Assistive Aid for Parkinson's Patients  (piezoelectric vibrators to stimulate Parkinson patient's wrist to improve hand coordination)
2018Jeffrey KlinckCANROD – Computer assisted navigation and obstacle detection  (wearable ultrasonic sensor for the blind)
2017Sadhana JeyakumarHLA: A Map for a Road Less Travelled  (human leukocyte antigen)
2016Bridget Le DonneIt's a Colourful Life  (Synesthesia)
2015Aaron GomesMicrowave Assisted Extraction of Polyphenols from Cocoa Powder
2014Catharine BowmanThe Effects of Apigenin, Diosmetin and Chicoric Acid on TNFa and COX-2 levels of Stimulated RAW 264.7 Macrophages  (Effects of certain plant compounds on tumour growth rates.)
2013Eisha AhmedAra h Proteins, Peanuts, and Parasites

Maitland Banting Silver Quill Award *

2022Kezia HartThirty-five Dollars per Month
2021Natalie BegleyI Am Afraid of Virginia Woolf
Len LuHonourable Mention:  Dear Aaron
Zoe SmithHonourable Mention:  Never Safe
2020Rand AmerTales of Being Black in a White World
Sarah VanDoodewaardHonourable Mention:  The Audition
Mikaela HartHonourable Mention:  Silene Capensis
2019Nicola LawfordBangkok Underwater
2018Samantha PottsKate Walks Into a Bar
2017Lili SimpsonThe Jungle
2016Nicola LawfordA Detailed Account of a Girl Who Loved a Boy, Among Other Things
Hannah T RosalesHonourable Mention:  Toolboxes and Telephones
Julie ShaddHonourable Mention:  An Acadian Tale
2015Lauren O'DonnellPrincess Charming
2014Anju XingVerisimilitude
2013Stefan RadenkovicThe Big Blue Sky

Young Musician Award *

2021Gabriel KlassenVoice
2020Aanya GrewalFlute
2019Max ChenTrombone
2018Hannah ThompsonClarinet
2017Amelia McNiven FontaniViolin
2016Philip DarleyCello
2015Lindsey RyndersObo

Young Poet Award *

2022Olivia GringhuisMoment of Tangency
2021Casey Kisielewskinight(time)
Kristen Van KampenGiraffes for Tea
2020Mikaela Hartcrepuscule
Gladys KozyraHonourable Mention:  Where I'm From
2019Sue LeeGirl in a Tree
2018Mikaela HartThe Star Girl
Illyria VolcansekModern Butterfly
2017Nuri SongAlpha Centauri
2016Maeve JenkinsonRecording
Rachel TurnerA poem for no one who wants to read it
2015Jace PetkauThermopylae
Srinidhi ShawHonourable Mention:  Veiled Twilight
2014Faith ParéDynamo
2013Lisa JefferiesThe Death that Autumn Brings
Evelyna Kay Honourable Mention:  a promise to emilia, who sadly could not join us here today