Q:  What major applications are installed on the desktop computer in Room 1A1, the Ewart Angus Centre?
A:  As of 8 September, 2018, the latest or a recent version of the following were installed on the podium pc:
CategoryInstalled Applications
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows 10
Web browsersGoogle Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox
PDF readerAdobe Reader DC 2018
AV playerWindows Media Player, VLC Media Player 3.0.3
SpreadsheetMicrosoft Office 2016: Excel
PresentationMicrosoft Office 2016: PowerPoint
Word processingMicrosoft Office 2016: Word
Q:  Can I run my presentation from the desktop computer on the podium?
A:  Yes you can — provided you can satisfy the following technical requirements:
  • One of the applications installed on the podium pc — see the previous question — can be used to run/show your audio-visual materials. For example, if you have a PowerPoint 2014 file, you can show it with PowerPoint 2016; you want to show a video that's on YouTube.com, you can do so with one of the web browsers.
  • If you want to run/show a file or files that are not available for viewing or download from a website accessible from the podium pc, you will need to bring your file or files on a USB stick, which you will then plug in to one of the usb ports on the side of the desktop monitor). You can then drag a copy of your file or files to the pc's desktop, from where you can then launch it when needed.
Q:  Should I bring my AV materials on one or two USB sticks if I am going to use the podium pc?
A:  Bring two. The second serves as a backup in the unlikely event that the first stick becomes unusable. (Yes, like hard drives within a pc, usb sticks can and do fail eventually.)
Q:  Can I run my presentation from my own laptop computer?
A:  Yes you can — provided you can satisfy the following technical requirements:
You need to be able to connect your laptop to a HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) input cable on the podium. That cable sends your outgoing audio-visual signal to the digital projector at the rear of the room. The projector displays your signal on a large screen on the front wall of the room.
Image showing various AV ports often provided on laptop pcs.
The cartoon at left shows AV ports commonly found on various electronic devices, including laptops.
Some laptops have a "mini-HDMI" port (a half-inch or less in width) rather than a "full-size" (wider) HDMI port.
If your laptop doesn't have a full-sized HDMI port you'll need to bring your own port-to-port adaptor cable.
Image showing the end of the HDMI cable to which your device must connect.
An adaptor cable is used to connect a device's VGA, DVI or HDMI port (a 'female' terminal) to the 'male' terminal — see the image at left — at the end of the podium's HDMI cable. Owners of Apple laptops refer to this type of cable as a "dongle".
HAALSA regrets that it is unable to provide adaptors for our speakers' laptops.
Q:  Can HAALSA provide any technical assistance before and during my presentation?
A:  Yes. A member of our Council will be on hand to help you get set up, either on the podium pc or with your own laptop.
Q:  Is there be microphone for me to use?
A:  Yes. Currently the room is equipped with a podium mic and a lapel mic. We always ask our speakers to wear the lapel mic because the effectiveness of the podium mic drops to zero when the speaker is more than eight or nine inches from the latter. With the lapel mic, the system provides a good sound level for our audience and speakers are free to move across the room during their presentations.
Q:  Can HAALSA provide a hand-held laser pointer?
A:  Yes. Our pointer displays a red dot.