Updated 8 September 2021
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Q:  Do I need a Zoom account to be able to watch a HAALSA lecture?
A:  No. You don't need a Zoom account. If you have one you don't need to be logged in to it.   |   Top   
Q:  Do I need to install a Zoom application on my device (desktop pc/­laptop/­mobile) before I can watch a HAALSA lecture?
A:  Yes. We recommend doing so before attempting to join any Zoom event.   |   Learn how . .    |   Top   

Please Note:   Beginning November 1, 2021, Zoom users will be required to update their Zoom software (the client) to ensure it is no more than nine months behind the current version at any given time. From that point on, the client will prompt users to update their software if their installed version falls behind this nine-month window. This policy will ensure that users are protected by and benefit from Zoom's latest security and functionality features on an ongoing basis. (Learn more on zoom.us)

Q:  How do I register for a HAALSA lecture?
A:  It's easy to register.   |   Learn how . .    |   Top   
Q:  How do I get on HAALSA's e‑Contacts list?
A:  If, during the past 12 months, you were receiving periodic emails from our Secretary announcing an upcoming HAALSA lecture and providing that lecture's web address for registering, then you are already on our e‑Contacts list. You will receive our notices about each upcoming lecture. You need do nothing now — unless you changed your email address recently.

If, however, you were not receiving such emails, or for any reason you think that you are not now on the list, or you known you are on the list but you recently changed your preferred email address, please read the following details.   |   Show Details . .    |   Top   

Q:  How do I cancel my registration?
A:  Zoom provides an online form with which you can cancel your registration. Both Zoom's post-registration confirmation email and our Secretary's pre-lecture emails provide a user-friendly (clickable) link to Zoom's cancellation page.   |   Learn More . .    |   Top   
Q:  How do I "join" (connect to) a HAALSA Lecture?
A:  We strongly recommend that you join each HAALSA lecture using the message that Zoom emailed to you after you registered for that lecture. That Zoom message provides a lecture-specfic, user-friendly, "Click to Join" link. Just click on that link.   |   Learn more . .    |   Top   
Q:  How do I submit a question for the speaker?
A:  Questions for the presenter are submitted as typed text via the event's "Q&A" tool, which is displayed on the Zoom taskbar.   |   Learn more . .    |   Top   
Q:  Is a video camera, either build-in or external, required for watching the lectures on my device?
A:  No. Unlike for a Zoom Meeting, a Zoom webinar is configured by default to block any video stream from an audience member's device. So, you don't need a camera and if your device has one, leave it off.   |   Top   
Q:  Is a microphone required either for watching the lectures on my device or submitting a question for the presenter?
A:  No. Your device's microphone, if any, is automatically "muted" (disabled) by our Technical Host for the duration of the event. As for asking a question, see the FAQ above.   |   Top   
Q:  Are speakers required for listening to the lectures on my device?
A:  Yes. Speakers can, of course, include headphones. You may need to check/change the audio setting in the Zoom app and/or your device's operating system to ensure that the desired speakers or headphones are enabled.

Note that our lectures are not streamed with sub-titles or closed captions.   |   Top   

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