A Step-By-Step Guide

We recommend that you review the steps below before browsing to the Canada­Helps (CH) website, a link to which is provided below the last Step.

  1. On the CanadaHelps (CH) home page:  Enter "HAALSA" in the box to the left of the Search button.  |  Show Figure 1.
  2. On the Search Results page:  Find the entry for the Association and click on our name or logo.  |  Show Figure 2.
  3. On the CH page for HAALSA:  Note, on the Donate Now (or Donate Monthly) tab, these fields:  "Donation Amount" and "Apply your donation to a fund set up by this charity".  |  Show Figure 3.
  4. Still on the CH page for HAALSA:  Select the fund that interests you at this point in the process and enter a donation amount. (Our funds are listed in Figure 4.)  |  Show Figure 4.
    1. Click on the text " 0 - Select one of the following. " to open the Funds menu.
    2. Select a fund by clicking on the row displaying the fund's name. (Note that membership categories have prescribed amounts.)
    3. In the Donation Amount box:  Enter the amount for this fund.
  5. Still on the CH page for HAALSA:  Complete the rest of the form  |  Show Figure 5.
    1. Note the "Send a message..." and "Give in honour ..." fields. These are optional. For the first, enter any message you want to convey to the Association; the message recipient is our Treasurer.
    2. Review your response to each field on the form.
    3. When satisfied, click on the "Continue with Donation" button.
  6. On the "Your Giving Basket"" page:  |  Show Figure 6.
    1. Review the item(s) in your basket.
    2. If you wish to donate to another Hamilton Association fund: click the Add Another Donation button.
      For example, after specifying a donation for a membership, you might also wish to support one or more of our awards programs or make an unrestricted donation, one not tied to any award.
      If you click the button you will be returned to CH's home page, where you can quickly repeat Steps 1, 2, and 3. In Step 4 you will select a different fund and enter the amount you wish to provide for that fund. After Step 5 your updated Giving Basket page will be displayed.
      (We regret that CanadaHelps does not provide a more straightforward page design, one which would enable donors to view multiple funds on a single page, selecting and entering an amount for each fund of interest to the donor. We ask you to bear with the situation. Perhaps a future update to the CH site will optimize the donation process for charities that invite donors to suppport more than one fund.)
    3. If you do not want to add another donation and the items currently in your Basket reflect your intentions, go to the next Step.
  7. Still on the "Your Giving Basket" page:  Complete the fields on the remainder of the page:
    1. Respond as you wish to the "Help us help more charities" appeal.
      CanadaHelps will retain 4% and HAALSA will receive 96% of your donation(s), regardless of your response to this option.
    2. Note your "Total (Tax Deductible) Donation" amount.
    3. Provide the required donor and tax receipt information.
    4. Provide the required payment information.
    5. Ensure that the appropriate instruction is displayed in the "Anonymity Preference" field.
      If your donation includes an amount for membership, please select one of the two options:  either "name, email, mailing (postal) address" or "name, email", whichever you prefer..
    6. Respond as you wish to the "Create a ... Account" invitation.
    7. Review your responses to the above fields before continuing.
  8. Submit your donation:  Click the Complete Donation button.
    When you donate via CanadaHelps, CH provides an official receipt for tax purposes for the full taxable amount of your donation. The receipt is emailed to you as soon as CH confirms your payment.

Donate Now

You can donate securely via CanadaHelps using a credit card, PayPal or a CH gift card.
Click the image below to go to the CH website. The site should open in a new browser tab (or window), thereby making it easy to refer back to this page, if necessary, as you complete the above steps.