Although our public events are free for all who wish to attend, we do have event expenses to cover and awards to distribute to students. All donations are, there­fore, most welcome, no matter the amount, no matter when received.

Not sure what we do?  Use the links at the top of this page to access more information about HAALSA, our awards, and our lectures.

If you decide to donate via cash, cheque or e-transfer and you don't have a blank Donation Slip:  Click here to download one. Print it and then review the categories to which you can apply all or part of your donation before deciding on how much you wish to donate in total. Then enter on the slip the amount in question for each category you wish to support and your donation total.

If you decide to donate via CanadaHelps: You'll refer to the Funds list we provide on the CanadaHelps website, not the document referred to above.

Membership in the Association is optional, as is any donation for an award fund or other expenses.

Donate by cash or cheque at one of our public events

While attending one of our in-person public events — a lecture, our annual dinner or tour, or our annual General Meeting — give your cash or cheque and completed Donation Slip to our Treasurer. If the Treasurer is absent give them to our President or another member of HAALSA's governing council.

Donate by cheque via Canada Post

Mail your cheque and completed Donation Slip to the address shown on the slip. (Please provide your return address and sufficient postage on your envelope.)

Donate by e-transfer from your bank account

We strongly recommend that you enter, on the Donation Slip, the amounts in question for each category you wish to support and the amount for the "Total" before going to your bank's website. The completed slip can be your personal record of your e-transfer.

  1. Log in to your account via your bank's 'online website.
  2. Complete the following steps (or the equivalent) on that site:
    • Go to the page or section for "Interac e-Transfer" or "e-Transfers" or an equivalent title.
    • Go to the page or section where you can "Add a Recipient" or "Manage Contacts" – the wording varies across financial institutions
      • On that page create and save the following new recipient/contact:
        Name: HAALSA Treasurer
        Email address:
        Mobile phone: If displayed, leave this field empty; HAALSA doesn't have a mobile number. If you must enter a number enter "905-527-0080". That number accepts most SMS (text) messages.
      • Save your entries and exit the form or page.
    • Go to the page or section where you can send an e-transfer. Follow your institution's instructions to create your request. Please note the following:
      • You do not need to provide a security question for the recipient to answer. That is because HAALSA has enabled "Autodeposit" for all incoming transfers. However, some institutions insist on a security question and password. If you must enter something, we suggest "auto-deposit" for both the question and password. That seems to work for everyone thus far.
      • Re. the "Message" field (or equivalent) if any:  Here's where you tell us how to apply your donation to our donation categories. The maximum length of the donor's message varies by financial institution. If you require more space that you're allowed, enter "See email" (or something equally brief and unambiguous) — and be sure to complete Step 3, below, when you get to it.
    • When you are certain that the form has been completed correctly, submit (send) your e-transfer request.
    • Log out of your account and exit the bank's website
  3. Open your email client and log on to your preferred email account.
    • Start a new message with these properties:
      To: HAALSA Treasurer <>
      Subject: Donation via e-transfer - details
    • In the body of the message:
      • Tell us that you have just sent a donation of {the $ amount} via e-transfer.
      • Provide your name and current postal address — unless you are certain that we have both details in our records or you wish your donation to be anonymous.
        If you want to receive an official receipt we must have both your name and current address on file. All direct donations, including e-transfers, of $10 or more will receive an official receipt for income tax purposes.
      • Tell us how you want us to make use of your donation by listing the one or more categories to which we should assign your donation and the amount to be assigned to that category. Please ensure that your sum of your category amounts equals the amount of your e-transfer.
    • When you are confident that the message provides our Treasurer with the appropriate instructions, send it.

By credit card or Paypal on the CanadaHelps website

CanadaHelps (CH) is a registered Canadian Charity that provides an online platform where anyone can search for and make a donation to any of several hundred thousand other registered Canadian charities. It supports "all Canadian charities, no matter how big or small". CanadaHelps provides donors with the options to give once or monthly, to give anonymously, and to track their personal donations. It also provides instant tax receipts. Donors can use any major credit card, Paypal, or a CH gift card to make their donation. The charity in question receives the amount donated (less a fee, usually 4.0%) within two weeks of the donation date.

We strongly recommend that you enter, on the Donation Slip, the amounts in question for each category you wish to support and the amount for the "Total" before going to the CanadaHelps website. The completed slip can be your personal record of your CanadaHelps transaction.

Click here to go to our How to Donate Via Canada Helps page.

Can I donate property (a Gift-in-Kind)?

Yes you can, subject to HAALSA's willingness to accept the donation.

In this context property is almost anything other than cash and cheques. It can be a material object, a life insurance policy, stocks and bonds, a building, and land. A gift of property is also referred to as a gift-in-kind. In the past we have accepted recently published books (to be used as honoraria gifts for our lecture-series speakers), and data processing equipment such as audio/video cables and adaptors.

Moving forward, we would welcome a donation of data processing equipment such as a desktop computer running Microsoft Windows 10 or later with at least 8GB of RAM, an HDMI monitor, a usb keyboard or mouse, and an external, usb-type, hard drive enclosure. This is because we are trying to ensure that our Treasurer and Webmaster have access to equipment that enables them to carry out their responsibilities as efficiently and effectively as possible.

If you have data processing equipment that is only a few years old, in good condition, and you think it may be of use to the Association, please provide the HAALSA Webmaster with a summary description of the item via email (Click for contact info).