A Friend Is ...

A friend is someone who, although not a member, wants to be kept informed about upcoming lectures and other activities of the Association.
A friend is also any non-member who makes a financial contribution to the Association other than a donation for membership.

Such contributions are entirely voluntary and always welcome. They may be dedicated to a specific award fund or left unspecfied. The latter are applied most often to our annual lecture series. Our Friend's Mailing List Application & Donation Form (accessed via a link below) includes a section for making a contribution without also acquiring a membership.

What do Friends Receive from the Association?

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It's Easy to become a Friend

Download this printer-friendly pdf version of the Friend's Mailing List Application & Donation Form.

You need a pdf reader to view or print this document. (Apple users likely know that the Apple operating system includes a pdf reader.) Free, easy to install pdf readers for the Windows operating system can be found on the internet. Popular readers include:  Nitro Reader, Foxit Reader and Adobe Reader. [Legal stuff:  Read the product's system specifications carefully before choosing any reader. Note any optional add-ons (eg, anti-virus software). HAALSA does not recommend any specific reader.]

Follow the instructions provided on the Application form.

  • We ask for an email address so that we can notify you of forthcoming lectures and special events. You can unsubsribe to these electronic mailings at any time.
  • Please check all information for accuracy and completeness, particularly your postal and email addresses.
  • Be sure to date your application.
  • If you wish to send a donation along with your application, make your cheque payable to "The Hamilton Association".
    • Be sure the amount entered on your cheque matches the total of the amount(s) listed on the form.
      Please, no post-dated cheques (and no cash donations via the mail).

Please inform the Association Secretary (or Treasurer) of any subsequent change to your email or postal address or other contact details. Doing so will enable us to keep you advised of forthcoming events and ensure that you obtain a receipt for tax purposes for any donation you may have made.

Contributions for charitable purposes are tax deductible at the rate prescribed by the Canada Revenue Agency. Our practice regarding the issuing of receipts for tax purposes is available on our Receipts page.