A Friend Is ...

A friend is someone who, although not a member, wants to be kept informed about upcoming lectures and other activities of the Association.
A friend is also any non-member who makes a financial contribution to the Association other than a donation for membership.

Such contributions are entirely volun­tary and always welcome. They may be dedicated to a specific award fund or left unspecified. The latter are applied most often to our annual lecture series. Our Mailings, Membership & Donations form (accessed via a link below) includes a section in which you can make a donation other than for membership.

What do Friends Receive from the Association?

If you provide an email-address you will receive..

  • a reminder about our next lecture (September to April), issued on the Wednesday before the lecture.
  • notification of the date, time and location of the Association's Annual General Meeting.
  • a reminder about other HAALSA events, such as the annual tour and annual speakers-appreciation dinner.
  • an alert concerning any lecture or event that we've had to cancel at short notice or move to a different venue.

If you provide a postal address you will receive..

  • a printed copy of the Association's annual brochure, which provides information about the upcoming season's free public lectures and our awards program, along with a Mailings, Membership & Donations form and the President's annual letter to the Association's members and friends. These are sent out in late July or early August, well before the first lecture in September.
  • If you make a donation: an official receipt for tax purposes, issued in January of the next calendar year.

If you don't provide an email address but do provide a telephone number..

  • we will attempt to contact you concerning any lecture or event that we've had to cancel at short notice or move to a different venue.

Before continuing you may wish to read our Privacy Policy.
You can unsubscribe from our Contacts List at any time via email or postal mail.

It's Easy to become a Friend

Just inform our Secretary, either via email or postal mail, that you wish to be added to our Friends Contact List.

  • If you are contacting us via email, please provide "New Friend" on the Subject line.
  • Be sure to provide your name and, if applicable, the email address that you want us to use when contacting you.
  • If you don't have an email address, consider providing a telephone number.
  • If you want to receive our printed annual brochure, provide your complete postal address.

If you wish to donate to the Association but not become a "member", you can easily do so by following the instructions provided on our "Become a Member" page. Follow this link to the "It's Easy..." section on that page. Just ignore the lines (on our Mailings, Membership & Donations form) or options (on the CanadaHelps site) that refer to membership categories. That way, you can contribute to our awards program or make an unrestricted (Other) donation without becoming a member.

Please inform the Association Secretary of any subsequent change to your email or postal address or other contact details. Doing so will enable us to keep you advised of forthcoming events and last-minute cancellations and ensure that you receive an official receipt for tax purposes for any donation that you may have made.

Contributions for charitable purposes are tax deductible at the rate prescribed by the Canada Revenue Agency. Our practice regarding the issuing of receipts for tax purposes is available on our Receipts page.