A Member Is

Someone who has paid either our annual membership fee or our one-time-only life membership fee.

    Rate By
Donation Type
Duration Type Details Directly
by Mail-In,
Annual Individual per person $   20 $   21
per house­hold (2 or more persons at one postal address) $   30 $   31
Life Life per person (one-time cont­ri­bu­tion; non-transferable) $ 200 $ 210

The Membership Year:  Membership begins in September and ends the following August. Individual and Household memberships nominally expire, therefore, on 31 August.

Annual Renewal:  Please renew your member­ship as early as possible after mid-August. Individuals and households who have not renewed prior to 1 January of the following year will no longer be regarded as members of the Association.

Adjustments:  The fee for a membership taken up or renewed after 31 December is not pro-rated. A membership taken up or renewed in May or June will be applied to the next (Sept-Aug) Membership Year as, of course, will any membership taken up or renewed during July or August.

Other financial contributions:  Other con­tri­bu­tions are entirely voluntary and always welcome. They may be dedicated to a specific award fund or "other expenses". Funds for the latter help to cover costs associated with our annual lecture series. Our Contact Information and Donation form (hereafter the Donation form) includes a section for such additional contributions.

Our Donation Form:  Can be accessed via our "How to Donate" page, which can be accessed via the link displayed in the How to Donate section (below).

Members' Benefits:  What Members Receive from the Association

If you provide a postal address you will receive:

  • A printed copy of the Association's annual brochure, which provides information about the upcoming season's free public lectures and our awards program, along with a Contact Information and Donation form and the President's annual letter to the Association's members and friends. These are mailed in late July or early August, well before the first lecture in September.
  • An official receipt for tax purposes for each tax-deductible donation of $10 or more.

If you provide an email address you will receive:

  • advance notice of our next lecture; these are sent from September to April some 10 to 12 days before the lecture;
  • one follow-up reminder of our next lecture; these are sent on the Wednesday before the lecture;
  • notice of, and one reminder of, the date, time and location of the Association's annual General Meeting, which is usually held in October;
  • notice of, and one reminder of, other HAALSA events, such as the annual tour and annual speakers-appreciation dinner.
  • an alert concerning any lecture or event that we've had to cancel at short notice or move to a different venue.

In addition, if you provide an e-address you may very occasionally receive:

  • notice of a lecture or other event that, although not co-hosted with HAALSA, is one that the HAALSA Executive believes may interest members and friends of the Association. Such notices are rarely issued; and
  • an invitation to participate in a survey, administered by HAALSA or a co-host, for a HAALSA event or a co-hosted event. Such surveys will only be administered for the purpose of helping HAALSA's Executive Council and our co-host, if any, gain a better understanding of the backgrounds and interests of the Association's members, friends, and of the audiences who attend our events, including co-hosted events.

If you don't provide an email address but do provide a telephone number:

  • depending on the availability of time and volunteers, we may be able to contact you concerning a upcoming lecture or event that we've had to cancel at short notice or move to a different venue.
Please don't reply on our calling or texting you. If you are concerned that we may have cancelled or moved an event always check our website on the day of an event and certainly before leaving home. We will always post notice of a cancellation or change of venue as soon as possible.

Before continuing you may wish to read our Privacy Policy.

You can unsubscribe from either of our contacts lists (email, postal) at any time. Instructions are provided on our Unsubscribe page.

How to Donate ~ Four Methods with Step-by-Step Help

Click here to go to our `How to Donate` page, which includes links to our Contact Information and Donation form.

After Donating

Please inform the Association Secretary or Treasurer of any subsequent change to your email or postal address or other contact details. Doing so will enable us to keep you advised of forthcoming events and cancellations. It will also ensure that you receive our offical receipt for tax purposes for your tax-deductible donation(s).

Contributions for charitable purposes are tax deductible at the rate prescribed by the Canada Revenue Agency. Our practice regarding the issuing of receipts for tax purposes is available on our Receipts page.