Free Public Lectures

Details about our 2021-2022 lecture series
will be posted here in early August, 2021.
Past  (2020–2021)
17 April
7:30 pm (Sat)
From Exobiology to Pioneer Diaries:  The Role of Fact in Fiction — Julie Czerneda  |  Watch the Video  |  More..
13 March
7:30 pm (Sat)
Camera Eye, Radio Ear, Poet Heart:  The Secret Art of Making Verse in Interesting Times — Alexandra Oliver  |  Download the pre-event readings  |  Watch the Video  |  Read poems submitted by audience members  |  More..
20 February
7:30 pm (Sat)
It’s Morning Now: Why D’Arcy McGee Matters to Canada — Dermot Nolan  |  Watch the Video  |  Read Mr. Nolan's text  |  More..
09 February
7:30 pm (Tue)
Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741) — Abigail Richardson-Schulte, accompanied by Bethany Bergman  (Note the day — Tuesday)  |  Watch the Video  |  The HPO has not posted a recording of this event on their website.  |  More..
16 January
7:30 pm (Sat)
Frozen Archives of our North:  Recovering Ancient DNA from Yukon Permafrost — Tyler Murchie  |  Watch the Video  |  More..
5 December Prisoners of Gravity — Laurence Harris  |  Watch the Video  |  More..
7 November The Mystery, Beauty, and Science of Light — Kalaichelvi Saravanamuttu  |  Watch the Video  |  More..
3 October ‘Photovoice’:  Strengthening Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples through Participatory Photography — Chelsea Gabel  |  Watch the Video  |  More..
Preceded by the Association`s  Annual General Meeting  – Online via Zoom. Start time to be announced. Login credentials to be emailed to all members prior to the date. Anyone may attend but only members may vote.
21 September
7:30 pm (Mon)
HAALSA's Annual General Meeting  (This is not a lecture)  |  Click here for details.
12 September Amazing Monarchs — Karin Davidson-Taylor  |  Watch the Video  |  More..

Our Annual Brochure

Our annual brochure provides information about our current season's lectures (presenters` names, titles and abstracts) and our awards program for young prose writers, poets, scientists and musicians. It lists the officers and other members of our Executive Council and briefly summarizes the Association's history. The brochure also provides essential contact information.

A downloadable, printer-friendly (pdf) version of the brochure for our upcoming season will be available here by mid-August.

Due to our decision to present our 2020-2021 lectures online, we will not be mailing printed copies of the brochure to our members and friends.. Please refer to our downloadable pdf version.

Click here to view or download a printer-friendly pdf version of this season's brochure.   More..

You will need a pdf reader or pdf editor to view or print this document. (Both the Apple and Windows (Windows 8 and higher) operating systems include a built-in pdf viewer.) Alternate free, easy-to-install pdf readers can be found on the internet. Popular free readers include, in order by name,  Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader, and Nitro Reader. [Legal stuff:  HAALSA does not recommend any specific reader. Read the product's system specifications carefully before choosing any reader.]   Less..

Due to our decision to present our 2020-2021 lectures online, we will not be mailing printed copies of the brochure to our members and friends.. Please refer to our downloadable pdf version.

When and Where

We currently (April 2021) anticipate that COVID-19 restrictions will oblige us to present all lectures in our 2021–2022 season online, via ZOOM. If you are not familiar with ZOOM webinars, see our FAQ page,, or search the web for more specific help.

Except where noted above, each lecture is presented on a Saturday evening, starting at 7:30 p.m.. (Note the earlier start time compared to previous years.) The session will end no later than 9:00 pm.

Each lecture will begin with the President's welcome and the introduction of the evening's presenter. The latter will speak for about 50 minutes and then answer questions submitted by members of our online audience during the presentation. The duration of the Q&A period depends on the number of questions; however we anticipate that the evening will end between 8:40 and 9:00 pm. Instructions on how to submit a question to our Q&A Moderator are provided in our emails to members and friends and on our FAQs page.

Important! — Pre-registration is required because our ZOOM licence limits us to 100 connections (devices). (There is, of course, no limit on the number of persons who can share a screen. Please follow appropriate COVID-19 precautions if watching with others.)

Instructions on how to pre-register are provided on our FAQs page and in the pre-event emails that our Secretary sends to everyone on our e-contacts list. If, after registering, you determine that you will not be joining us for the live broadcast, please cancel your reservation as soon as possible. Doing so will make a connection available for someone else. (The url for cancelling is provided in our emails.)

If for any reason you are unable to join us for the live broadcast, you will be able to watch the webinar later, in your web browser, via the "Watch the Video" link that we will provide a day or two after the event. Look in the "Past" section on this page. The link will be valid for at least 15 days following the event.