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Details about our 2017-2019!! lecture series
will be posted here in late July or early August.
No reserved seating.  Pre-registration is not required except where indicated.
Sat. {Mmmmmm DD}
8:00 pm
{Title} — {Author}    More..
Sat. December 9
8:00 pm
The Amazing, Changing, Aging Brain — Allison Sekuler    More..
Sat. January 13
8:00 pm
The 18th John Rae Lecture:  Water in the Changing North — Sean Carey    More..
Tue. February 13
7:30 pm
Franz Joseph Haydn:  Cultural Influencer — Caryl Clark and the HPO String Quartet.  ( Pre-registration required. Venue TBA. )    More..
Special Location:  2nd Floor, The David Braley Health Sciences Centre, 100 Main St. West, Hamilton. Enter via the front or rear doors.  [Map]

Sat. February 24
8:00 pm
Unbuilt Hamilton:  The City That Might Have Been — Mark Osbaldeston    More..
Sat. March 24
8:00 pm
Drug Resistant Infections:  What Happens When Antibiotics Don't Work? — Gerry Wright    More..
Sat. April 14
8:00 pm
Working with Neuroplasticity to Overcome Hand Paralysis — Milos Popovic    More..
Past  (2017–2018)
Thu. November 9
7:00 pm
D'Arcy McGee:  Bringing a Father of Confederation Back to Life — Abigail Richardson-Schulte and Dermot Nolan    More..
Special Location:  St. Paul's Church, 29 Park St. West, Dundas.  [Map]

Sat. November 4
8:00 pm
The Life and Legacy of Tom Thomson — Roy MacGregor    More..
Sat. October 14
8:00 pm
Carving Home:  Bringing the Chedoke Inuit Art Collection to the Community — Shelley Falconer    More..
Preceded by the Association's Annual General Meeting – 7:15 pm to 7:45 pm
Anyone may attend but only members may vote.
Sat. September 16
8:00 pm
The Reinterpretation of Islamic Law in Modern Times — Liyakat Takim    More..

Our Annual Brochure

Our annual brochure provides information about the Association (history, the Council and contact details), each lecture (author, title and abstract), and our awards program for young writers, poets and muscians.

The brochure for our upcoming season will be available here in late August. Until then, you can view or download the previous season's brochure.

Click here to view or download a printer-friendly pdf version of this season's brochure.  More..

When and Where


Except where noted above, each lecture is presented on a Saturday evening, starting at 8 p.m. with the President's welcome and the introduction of the evening's speaker. The latter will speak until about 9 p.m., when members of the audience are invited to put questions to the speaker. The meeting will normally conclude about 9:15 p.m.


Except where noted, our lectures are presented in Room 1A1 of McMaster University's Ewart Angus Centre (EAC). Location details for our upcoming lecture series will be provided when known, usually by mid-August.

Except where noted above, each lecture will be presented in Room 1A1 of McMaster University's Ewart Angus Centre (EAC). This year the events on November 5, January 18 and February 18, are in special locations, which are all identified above.

The EAC is in the north-west corner (rear) of the huge, multi-storey McMaster University Medical Centre (MUMC) on Main Street West, also known more formally as the McMaster Site of the Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation. (See our Campus Map.)

The EAC is wheel-chair accessible. Enter from the front or rear ground-floor doors of the EAC. If entering MUMC via the front (Main St. W.) entrance, take the Red elevators down one level to Floor 1, turn left on exiting the elevator, and carry on to EAC at the rear of the building

Please note:

  • if you enter the Medical Centre via the rear doors on University Crescent, you are in the Ewart Angus Centre, which is part of the purple area of the Medical Centre. Room 1A1 is at the end of the short corridor on your left off the main lobby of the EAC, immediately before the staircase.
  • if you enter the Medical Centre via the front (main) doors, you are on the Hospital's second floor. Take the red elevators or the adjacent staircase down to the first floor and walk to the purple area at the rear (north-west corner) of the building. Walk past the purple elevators into the open area beyond (the lobby of the Ewart Angus Centre). Walk to the left of and under the staircase and you'll see a short corridor. Room 1A1 is on your right at the end of that corridor. You can't miss it!

If approaching the Ewart Angus Centre from the McMaster campus enter via the doors that exit on to University Avenue.

Buses and Parking


There are on-campus HSR bus stops on University Avenue near the Ewart Angus Centre and off-campus stops on Main Street near and opposite the Medical Centre. The on-campus stops nearest the EAC are within comfortable walking distance of the Centre's main entrance. As noted above, the EA Centre is in the purple area (north-west corner/rear) of the Medical Centre.

For HSR route information, telephone the HSR at 905-527-4441 or follow the links on the HSR website ("). For bus stop details see our Campus Map and associated instructions.


McMaster University provides no free on-campus parking at any time. The charge for any gated lot and metered parking spot entered on a Saturday is a one-time payment which is valid until at least midnight. You pay when leaving a gated lot or when obtaining your ticket from an on-street meter. Payment is by credit card only.

Visitors without a transponder or seasonal parking permit may park for $8.00 in gated lots A (Divinity College), B, C, D, I and Underground Wilson; or for $7.00 in lots G, H and Underground Stadium; or on a metered on-street parking spot. (These rates are effective 1 Sep 2017, as posted on the University website.) All gated parking lots are located farther from the Ewart Angus Centre than the two on-campus bus stops nearest the EAC.

Metered on-street parking spots are available on the east side of College Crescent, next to the A. N. Bourns Science Building and the John Hodgins Engineering Annex. Note the permit dispensers at regular intervals along the sidewalk.

Do not park in a designated fire route, such as behind or beside the Ewart Angus Centre. You risk being ticketed and towed. Do not park in a spot reserved for handicapped persons unless you have a permit to do so. You risk being ticketed and towed.

Our understanding is that Parking Services' enforcement of the metered on-street parking rules is lax or non-existent on Saturday evenings after 7:00 pm. In the past some members have parked in one of the on-street spots on College Crescent, not purchased a permit from the nearest meter, and not been ticketed.

The Association is not and will not be held responsible for any parking ticket you might receive. That said, however, we urge anyone who finds a parking ticket on his/her vehicle after parking in a valid location and attending one of our Saturday night lectures, to let the Association President know that you were ticketed, where you were parked and your arrival and departure times. The Association is prepared to discuss, vigorously, any such ticket with the McMaster Parking Office.

For vehicle access details see our Campus Map and associated instructions.


There are many off-campus parking spots on Stirling and some adjacent streets, including streets south of Stirling down to but excluding Main Street West.

Spots are usually unrestricted on Saturday evenings along most streets in the area near McMaster campus. Nonetheless, you should read very carefully the city's signs regarding weekend on-street parking before leaving your vehicle. Of course, before leaving your vehicle ensure that any valuable objects are locked in your trunk or otherwise not visible to prying eyes.


We suggest that you NOT park in the hospital's underground or surface lots. The last time we checked (Aug 2017), the Monday through Sunday rates were $3.50 and $4.50 respectively per half hour or less, to a maximum of $20 and $25 per day for underground and surface parking respectively. In addition, DO NOT park next to the Ewart Angus Centre. That area is part of a 24-hour fire route. You risk being ticketed and towed.