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Saturday, 5 December, 7:30 pm  (Note start time!)

The 19th Dr. John Rae Lecture Prisoners of Gravity

By Laurence Harris

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This lecture will be included in our 2021-2022 season if possible.

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Portrait: Laurence Harris. Gravity is always present. We have evolved in the constant presence of the Earth's gravi­ta­tional pull. We may not realize it, but gra­vi­ty is an essential influence on our behav­iour and per­cep­tions. For example, our brains use gravity to keep us stable, guiding us as we move around, and as a reference to help judge distance. Less obviously, gravity helps us establish ownership of our own bodies. So what happens in con­di­tions when gra­vi­ty dis­ap­pears?

Lab photo: The Tumbling Room, showing a subject at various angles to horizontal.

Dr. Harris will share some fas­ci­na­ting ex­per­i­ments in unu­sual en­viron­ments, such as deep under­water or aboard the Inter­natio­nal Space Station, and the far-reaching effects those results might have for us here on Earth.

Dr. Harris is Professor of Psychology, York Research Chair in Multisensory Integration, and Director of the Centre for Vision Research at York University in Toronto.

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Room 1A1, Ewart Angus Centre,
McMaster Children's Hospital (University Medical Ctr),
1280 Main St West, Hamilton

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