The Hamilton Association
for the Advancement of Literature, Science and Art

Personal information is provided to the Assocation by persons applying for membership or standing as a friend of the Association, and by other persons and entities who donate to, or establishe a business relationship with, the Association. Such information is retained in a secure location on a password-protected data processing device and is treated as confidential.

We will not sell, give, share or otherwise disclose your personal information, our membership list, or our email-contacts list to any person, corporation, or agency for any reason except:

Occasionally, HAALSA co-hosts an event with another local charity or not-for-profit organization. When persons wishing to attend that event are required to pre-register or otherwise obtain an admission ticket, the co-hosts often find it advantageous or necessary to share their list(s) of registrants or ticket-holders. They do so to eliminate duplicate registrations, manage cancellations and waiting lists, avoid exceeding seating capacity, and to know their audiences better. Such sharing is on a confidential basis, is restricted to name and contact information (postal and/or email addresses only), applies only to the specific event, and is solely for the purposes cited above.

Your postal address and email address are used for the purposes described on our Become a HAALSA Member and Become a HAALSA Friend pages.

In addition to the above purposes your contact information may be used on an occasional basis to provide HAALSA's Executive Council with aggregated reports on the geographical distribution of recent donors and current contacts. No individual is ever identifiable in such reports.