An official receipt for tax purposes is prepared annually in January for each tax-deductible donation of $10 or more that: 

If the Association's records include a postal address and an email address for you and we believe that both are current, we will email your receipt to you as an attachment, doing so as soon as possible in January.

If the Association has a postal address that we believe is current but we have either no email address or an e-address known to be out-of-date, we will print your receipt and bring it to the location of our January and, if necessary, February lecture, where you will be able to retrieve it. Any receipt not picked up by the close of the February lecture will be mailed via Canada Post to the postal address we have for you at that time.

If the Association has no postal address or an address known to be out-of-date, the Treasurer can not provide a receipt for your donation. (The Canada Revenue Agency requires the donor's current postal address on an official receipt.) We will, however, attempt to contact you by email and/or telephone to request your currect postal address.

We strongly urge you to inform the Association`s Treasurer of any change in your postal or email address that occurs after you have made a direct donation to the Association.