Tonight's Pre-Lecture PowerPoint Show


  1. Right-click on this link:  tonight.ppsx
  2. When prompted, choose the equivalent of "download" (eg, "Save Link As..", "Save Target As..")
    for the action.
  3. In the resulting Save As.. window, navigate to the local computer's Desktop to specify the destination.
    (Be sure you download to the local pc's Desktop!)
  4. You can also download a brief John Rae show.  Right-click on this link:  john-rae-brief.ppsx


  1. Double-click the downloaded file`s icon/name to launch the show in full-screen mode.
    • Press "Page Down" at any time during the show to advance to the next slide.
    • Press "Esc" at any time during the show to exit the show.

After Tonight's Q&A

  1. On the local pc's Desktop:  Delete the file or files that you downloaded.
  2. Be sure to eject/remove any ubs stick you may have inserted into the pc or monitor.