Annual Tour and Speakers' Appreciation Dinner
Tuesday, April 18, 2017
Preliminary Notice
All members and friends of the Association
and our current season's presenters, are invited to attend.
You may attend either or both events.
Tour  |  Dinner

The tour and dinner are usually held during the last two weeks in April or the first week in May.

These events will be announced at the Spring lectures and in an email to all members and friends.

The Tour

The Dinner

How to Cancel or Change Your Registration and Why Doing So Is Important

Please inform the HAALSA Secretary of a cancellation or change in your registration, either by email ( or telephone (905-527-0080). (Email is preferred.)

Please provide . .

  • your name
  • your telephone number (even if submitting by email)
  • mention the event(s) concerned ("the tour", "the dinner")
  • for the Tour      – the number of persons in your group who will not be attending
  • for the Dinner   – the name of each person in your group who will not be attending

Our cancellation policy reflects the fact that the Association must commit to:  providing event hosts with a specific minimum number of persons in attendance;  not exceeding a specific maximum number of persons;  informing the host of the number of persons registered for the event as of the event's deadline for cancelling or changing a registration. For the dinner, we are often required to provide specific menu choices. We must report the number expected to attend, and menu choices, no later than the morning following the event's registration deadline.

In addition, at the conclusion of an event, if the number attending is less than either the required minimum or the number expected, HAALSA is obliged to pay the event host the advertised fee associated with the shortfall in our attendance commitments.

Consequently, please do not hesitate to inform the Secretary as soon as possible of any change in your registration details.

Legal Stuff — Your Obligations

By registering for any of the above events, you are agreeing to . .

  • abide by the terms of our cancellation policy; and
  • pay both the prescribed per-person fees and any additional charges that you and your guests (other members of your registration group) may incur in the course of attending the event. More specifically, you are agreeing to pay whichever of the following are applicable, . .
    • our tour-host's fees for "The Tour"
    • HAALSA's fees for "The Dinner"
    • our dinner-host's charges for any food or beverages, ordered or consumed, that are not on the above menu.

You are also confirming that you . .

  • have read and understood the Association's cancellation policy;
  • have noted any deadline(s) associated with the above events; and
  • agree to reimburse the Association for any out-of-pocket costs incurred, directly or indirectly, on behalf of you and any other member of your group (your guests), in respect to an event that you or any of your guests did not attend and for which you did not, prior to the stated deadline for the event, provide the Association with the required notice of cancellation or change in the number of persons registered to attend the event; or, in the absence of a specific deadline, you did not, prior to the event, provide the Association with a clear and timely notice of cancellation or change in the number of members in your group.